1958 1959 1960 Lincoln / Ford 430 Piston + Ring Set (compression issue solved)

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Important News: For those of you who absolutely must have the "WEDGE" design - 

We are currently working to develop and manufacture the correct piston design in .000 , .020, and .040

It's about 4 months out from delivery should everything go well. Watch this listing for more news.

Expect cost to be about $1000 per set.

Tell me your desired overbore when ordering.

It has come to our attention that there is a lot of controversy about the flat top 

replacement pistons for the Lincoln / Ford 430 motor from 1958 - 1960.

The original designs had a small wedge, and the new designs do not have a wedge. The wedge design is not manufactured by any company.

See the last photo for a look at the Original Wedge Design Piston. Please note the size of the wedge. 

Compression height is the same, aftermarket and original.

We decided to do some research and technical measurements to solve this once and for all. 

It is over $1300 to have a custom set of wedge pistons made and it just is not worth the money for negligible improvement.

I have learned there are three different carb set-ups for these three years, each would carry a different HP rating.

The factory's rating of 315HP for this motor was of course very optimistic, as are most factory HP ratings. The engine is coupled with a 2 barrel carb (1960) and short intake runners to fit under the low ford hoods. The 2 bbl carb is very anorexic and the engine wakes up incredibly with an installation of a 4 bbl carb (outside dyno testing has proven and its also common sense). 

There are also companies who manufacture custom intake manifolds to compensate for the short runners of the stock intake manifold.

Our pistons will work great, but you will lose a small amount of compression. 

Check the math. I would be happy to share the excel sheet.

Mathematically, considering the volume of the compression chamber, the ratio goes from 10.1:1 down to around 9.52:1 (9.32 worst case scenario) comparing a STD original wedge piston to a .030 over replacement, the most popular aftermarket overbore size for this engine.

Note that Factory Spec head gasket thickness is .020 and aftermarket will be about .040

430 Lincoln Motor: Piston Options
Stock30 Over.030 Over no wedge.030 Over no wedge.030 Over no wedge
Combustion Chamber Volume5.50535.62145.62145.62145.6214
Comb Chamber Depth0.7582060170.76349582650.76349582650.76349582650.7634958265
Piston Wedge Volume0.23000.23000.00000.00000.0000
Gasket thicknesss + distance in hole *0.0290.0290.0290.0490.065**
Compression Ratio10.0009.9249.5259.4139.326
Delta from Stock4.7%5.9%6.7%
* Gasket thks(.020) + dist in hole(.009)
** Gasket thks(.040) + dist in hole(.009-.025)Wedge0.758206017(@ 4.3 bore)

These sets include:

8 Flat Top Precision Machined Cast Pistons

8 Piston Pins

Ring set for 8 Pistons


YES - We do ship internationally!

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