Poly Performance front end kit 76 - 80 Plymouth Volare

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Product Description

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Need to know 9/16 or 11/16 threads on your Tie Rod Ends for this kit

Performance Now! is offering custom performance front end rebuild kits for American classic cars!

This kit is for your 1976 - 1980 Plymouth Volare. All of the bushings are a High Performance proprietary Polyurethane compound, which self lubricates, and stands up to years of abuse!

With this kit, your front end rebuild will be complete, your car will handle much better than it was ever designed to.

We purchase our parts from very reliable, time tested american manufacturers and suppliers, and have some parts custom made at local machine shops.

Included in most kits are:

4 Polyurethane Upper Inner Control Arm Bushings

Polyurethane Lower Inner Control Arm Bushings

2 polyurethane Strut Rod Bushings (if required)

2 polyurethane Stabilizer Links

2 Upper Ball Joints

2 Lower Ball Joints

2 Outer Tie Rod Ends

Stock photo to give an idea of what the kit consists of, you will receive diffrent parts!

$25 shipping to the 48 states

Images copied from eBay: $T2eC16N,!zQE9s3sr(9cBRy,i)4Q3!~~60_3_9775_5.JPG, $T2eC16N,!)8E9s4l6cI!BRy,i4vHlw~~60_3_9775_6.JPG, $T2eC16Z,!zcE9s4g3Im3BRy,i-Em3w~~60_3_9775_7.JPG